Mercans is a non-aggregator multi-country human resources management outsourcing and global payroll outsourcing services provider in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, the Far East, Asia, Africa, and Australasia. As one of the world’s leading global payroll outsourcing companies and PEO outsourcing services providers, we are supported by 800+ specialists with local knowledge and HR expertise.

Empowering businesses without sub-contracting to any third party, we offer the following services across 160+ countries:

Our Country Intel Guides provide an overview that every Payroll and HR specialist needs to be aware of prior to establishing their HR and payroll functions in the country.

The overview includes information on:

  • labor laws
  • tax and social security regulations
  • compliance requirements
  • key business information and much more
    that assist with navigating local complexities and avoiding common pitfalls.

Capital : Ankara

Population : 83,154,997

GDP Growth : -2.1

Country Intel Guide - Turkey

Capital : Abu Dhabi

Population : 11.08 million

GDP Growth : 1.7 % (2019)

Country Intel Guide - UAE