Workday integration with Mercans’ global payroll SaaS - HR Blizz

Providing you with a seamless data flow across all the countries you operate in, you can maximise your investment and scale at ease

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Accelerate deployment
  • Unify HR and finance data

Improve workforce productivity with single view of employees across your entire HR ecosystem

Automate and optimize for ease and speed

Create a consolidated view of employee data across all of your HCM systems and applications to automate repetitive processes, optimize workforce planning and human capital management, and focus on initiatives that directly impact employee productivity.

What you will receive

Workday integration


Secure and efficient transfer of employee data to HR Blizz

Workday integration


Automated payroll integration driven by date-effective Workday events

Workday integration


Workday and HR Blizz's combined best practices in action, tailored to your country-specific payroll requirements

Workday integration


Supports 160 countries with native presence

Workday integration


Detailed documentation supporting a rigorously-tested Workday integration

Workday integration

Agility with real-time updates

Auto-updates for the API connector - automatic and timely updates that deliver an enhanced and consistent experience