About Jasper

I'm a person who never says no to anything. As a proud multi-tasker, I am known for my flexibility, courage in trying new things and my explorer’s sense of curiosity.

Jasper Guevarra

Jasper Guevarra

IT & Payroll Support Officer / Technical Support Lead Based in Dubai
Moving forward without fear

I’m a person who never says no to anything. As a proud multi-tasker, I am known for my flexibility, courage in trying new things and my explorer’s sense of curiosity. I absolutely love the work I do as it involves supporting the people around me and solving complex challenges.

Since joining Mercans, I have seen the company’s growth accelerate. From a small team in Dubai, I am so proud to be a part of a larger, robust team. I look after client onboarding and work closely on data privacy and security issues for a team that develops client proposals. My responsibilities also include providing support in policy implementation and developing procedures for IT onboarding and infrastructure setup. I currently manage a global team of IT specialists.

I live happily in Dubai with my wife and a dog.

Proud achievement

There were over 500 support tickets resolved in 2021, up from 100 in 2020. Currently, there are over 300 support tickets that have been resolved this year with 100% response rates.

With an average response time of less than 30 minutes, we take pride in our ability to resolve problems quickly.

What the future looks like

In the future, artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to take over the support process in a much bigger capacity, and companies will continue to invest in a central repository of solutions. Voice-based commands will take on even more priority, which will give employee self-service users an edge in resolving queries quickly and in real-time.

Word of advice

Do not get stuck on one thing. Keep yourself updated with all the latest technological developments. Keep updated, not outdated.

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Yvonne Zhang

Yvonne Zhang

Payroll Operations Manager - Asia Pacific Based in Beijing, China

Keep learning, keep growing, and never settle

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am approachable and an honest team player. So far, my career journey has been really interesting and rewarding.

Triin Vaht

Triin Vaht

Product Manager Based in Tartu, Estonia

Diving into the world of Tech

I consider myself to be an entertaining and curious soul who rarely gets bored. Due to my role's fast pace and the fact that we face new challenges almost every day, I thrive in it.

Kadri Kaur

Kadri Kaur

Front-End Development Lead Based in Tartu, Estonia

The world is my oyster

I see myself as a precise and hardworking person. Staying up to date on relevant news, setting new goals, and being clear about our professional and personal needs are all aspects of self-development that I am committed to.

Karel Liiv

Karel Liiv

Back-End Development Lead Based in Tartu, Estonia

Doing impactful work

When I was in high school, I felt like the computer was my thing. I started coding and knew that I wanted to go to university to study computer science. I've always been curious about how things work.

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