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I consider myself to be an entertaining and curious soul who rarely gets bored. Due to my role's fast pace and the fact that we face new challenges almost every day, I thrive in it.

Triin Vaht

Triin Vaht

Product Manager Based in Tartu, Estonia
Diving into the world of Tech

I consider myself to be an entertaining and curious soul who rarely gets bored. Due to my role’s fast pace and the fact that we face new challenges almost every day, I thrive in it. It is my passion to solve problems and find solutions, and I particularly enjoy working with others. Mercans’ growth trajectory over the past few years has not gone unnoticed – it has been incredible, and so has my experience been here!

For me and for others, this growth has brought new challenges and new goals. As I have created a custom path, I am delighted by the sense of the unknown ahead and the beauty and joy of creating something unique.

As a product manager, I determine which products are created and when they are delivered. My role is crucial to our developers, as without my direction they would not know what to work on and how to proceed. By setting the roadmap for each product, I provide direction for how the product should be developed and how it should provide benefits to customers.

To put it simply, I am responsible for the success of the product.

The impact of Triin’s contribution

Due to the nature of our role, we are able to ensure that employees receive their wages on time. With our products, employees are able to do their jobs more efficiently and have a greater sense of control. It allows employees to get a much clearer picture of their wages, and they can support themselves through self-service features (like managing leave, benefits, and other aspects of their work lives).

Three significant achievements for Triin in the last six months

  • To further my studies, I have returned to the university
  • Our product roadmap has been improved over the last few months
  • The payroll flow has been significantly improved, so clients are now able to run their payroll independently, even without Mercans’ constant assistance

What the future holds

There is no doubt that SaaS is the future. As a company, we can scale our product without scaling our human capital (our operations team). The result is that we will be able to acquire more clients, make our work easier, and also be able to serve SME clients. We are able to support startups and home-grown companies.

It is my belief that machine learning has a role to play in identifying errors and miscalculations in payroll processing and payroll estimates. As more and more payroll services become automated, managed payroll services are likely to disappear.

Advice for newcomers in the SaaS/products industry

It is critical to take a problem-solving approach and become very well acquainted with the pain points of each customer.

In my opinion, the best place to start is with the MVP (minimum viable product). Be willing to fail quickly, but do not waste too much time or money. Build something and then get approval from the customer. But, build small every day and keep trying.

Final word

Do not spend time worrying about what is right. Find out exactly what the client needs and help deliver it.

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