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I see myself as a precise and hardworking person. Staying up to date on relevant news, setting new goals, and being clear about our professional and personal needs are all aspects of self-development that I am committed to.

Kadri Kaur

Kadri Kaur

Front-End Development Lead Based in Tartu, Estonia
The world is my oyster

I see myself as a precise and hardworking person. Staying up to date on relevant news, setting new goals, and being clear about our professional and personal needs are all aspects of self-development that I am committed to. While undergoing training/learning, I try to remain open to new opportunities, challenges, and technologies.

Defining success

To me, this means being a leader in my field and having the world at my fingertips. In my sphere of influence, success is respected and known.
In addition, I also will consider myself successful upon running a marathon. My goal for the next year is to run 42 kilometers in Tallinn, Estonia.

When hiring candidates

I look for a willingness to learn and an open mind. A person who is able to stand by their convictions and beliefs while maintaining a sense of humor is what I’m always looking for.
People who play sports are great to have on board because they tend to have an open mind.

The future of payroll tech

For those who want a career in payroll technology, here’s some good news: It’s trending toward less human interaction and more automation. The payroll staff will push buttons – bank files, reports, etc. Touchless payroll is what we call it. Give it time, especially as machine learning and AI mature. After completing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics, I believe that in time, Big Data will be used to understand how people use their payroll management systems.

How good is Mercans' technology?

It’s fantastic! The way it all comes together is pure genius. You’re not restricted to a single country; we handle payroll for multiple countries. In addition to being in high demand, it is easy to implement, and our ultimate goal is to ensure people receive their wages on time. From a Tech standpoint, this has immense utility. It is because of what we have done that the end user can get his/her payment in time. Thus, simplifying payroll.

If I could be anything

I love coding, so I would be a developer. I would volunteer for specific social causes and travel to different places where help is needed, whether it’s cleaning beaches in Bali or traveling to Antarctica. If I knew absolutely that I would not fail, I would try flying, becoming a politician, singing, and starting my own company.

Achievements that I am proud of

I serve as the team lead and provide advice and support to others. My goal is to grow my team and help them achieve their goals. It is clear to me how I add value to the company. I find it particularly satisfying to have made some suggestions for product development, to see them accepted, and to see the product succeed. We have seen a significant improvement in the communication and collaboration between the design and development teams.
One of my biggest achievements was reducing deployment downtime from seven minutes to three minutes. Compared to before, it is 20 times faster now.
Does my presence make my team better? The answer is yes, I hope so. As long as my headphones are off, I’m there, ready and able to assist. I am capable of guiding and supporting my team, and I enjoy that process. My measure of success is my deliverables and bug count (the fewer bugs, the better).

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Jasper Guevarra

Jasper Guevarra

IT & Payroll Support Officer / Technical Support Lead Based in Dubai

Moving forward without fear

I'm a person who never says no to anything. As a proud multi-tasker, I am known for my flexibility, courage in trying new things and my explorer’s sense of curiosity.

Yvonne Zhang

Yvonne Zhang

Payroll Operations Manager - Asia Pacific Based in Beijing, China

Keep learning, keep growing, and never settle

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am approachable and an honest team player. So far, my career journey has been really interesting and rewarding.

Triin Vaht

Triin Vaht

Product Manager Based in Tartu, Estonia

Diving into the world of Tech

I consider myself to be an entertaining and curious soul who rarely gets bored. Due to my role's fast pace and the fact that we face new challenges almost every day, I thrive in it.

Karel Liiv

Karel Liiv

Back-End Development Lead Based in Tartu, Estonia

Doing impactful work

When I was in high school, I felt like the computer was my thing. I started coding and knew that I wanted to go to university to study computer science. I've always been curious about how things work.

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