Mercans Ascends as a Leader in Avasant's Payroll Business Process Transformation 2023–2024 RadarView

Mercans Dominates Avasant's Payroll Business Process Transformation RadarView 2023–2024

In its recent assessment, Avasant meticulously evaluated 27 payroll service providers, singling out 20 for outstanding performance over the preceding year. Avasant highlighted Mercans’ strengths in practice maturity, domain ecosystem, and investments and innovation.

Avasant’s study also highlights that Mercans, with its substantial practice size catering to MNCs and Fortune 500 companies, has achieved remarkable payroll revenue growth. Therefore, strengthening the leadership position.

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Mercans has developed its native global payroll engine to facilitate gross-to-net payroll calculations, digitalize processes, and offer self-service functionality to employees in 160 countries worldwide. Its partnerships with HCM and ancillary HR platform vendors enable it to offer comprehensive HR services through a unified portal. It leverages its local delivery network, including offices and regional experts in 121 countries, to help enterprises reduce dependence on local payroll aggregators for last-mile services across countries.
Its continued investments in technology innovation, such as no-code HR integration tools and instant payments functionality, flexible business models, and a global delivery network, have made Mercans a leader in Avasant’s Payroll Business Process Transformation 2023–2024 RadarView.

– Aditya Jain, Principal Analyst at Avasant

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    Mercans was recognized for

    • HR Blizz Platform: The proprietary gross-to-net payroll engine, operational in 160 countries, offers comprehensive HR services.
    • Global Presence: With a local delivery network and in-house regional experts in 121 countries, offers a seamless payroll experience and reduces reliance on payroll aggregators.
    • Flexible Business Models: With flexible business models encompassing adaptable support models like Payroll Outsourcing, SaaS, BPaaS, and BPO, Mercans offers custom solutions based on client requirements.
    • Automation and Cost Reduction: HR Blizz leverages payroll automation, cuts payroll costs by up to 60%, and facilitates automated reporting through API-based data flow.
    • Diverse Client Base: With a diverse client base comprising global clients of varying sizes (1–95,000 employees) and a geographical distribution spanning Europe, APAC, LATAM, the MEA, and North America, Mercans serves various industry verticals including Aerospace & Defense, Banking, O&G, Govt, Healthcare & many more.
    • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborates with HCM vendors (Ceridian, Workday, UKG, HiBob, Darwinbox) and extends technology solutions and expertise to HR service providers, system integrators, and payroll aggregators.
    • Continuous Innovation: Commitment to ongoing investment in the proprietary gross-to-net payroll engine includes the introduction of an automated payroll event recognition feature and the implementation of an algorithm-based payment gateway for optimal payment solutions. Additionally, the payment platform integration enhances payroll payments in 100+ languages.
    • Future Plans: Focus on automating reporting and analytics and facilitate instant payments and no-code integration in the coming years.