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Qatar – Change in Social Security Contribution Rates for GCC nationals

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The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) of Qatar has announced changes in the Social Security and Pension Law with updated contribution rates applicable to private sector employees in Qatar, effective from 3 January 2023. The updated employee and employer rates with a comparison to the previous period rates along with the basis of calculation have been summarized below:

NEW RATES effective from 3 Jan 2023OLD RATES prior to 3 Jan 2023
NationalityEmployee RateEmployer RateBasis of calculationEmployee RateEmployer RateBasis of calculation
UAE6%14%Basic salary + Social allowance + Housing allowance*10%10%Basic salary + Social allowance
20%-Other allowances20%-Housing allowance + Other allowances
Kuwait7.5%11%Basic salary + Social allowance + Housing allowance*8.5%10%Basic salary + Social allowance
18.5%-Other allowances (applicable only if Gross salary not exceed KWD 2,750 and not less than KWD 230)18.5%-Housing allowance + Other allowances (applicable only if Gross salary not exceed KWD 2,750 and not less than KWD 230)
2.5%-Gross salary (maximum KWD 1,500)2.5%-Gross salary (maximum KWD 1,500)
Saudi9%9%Basic salary + Housing allowance*9%9%Basic salary
---18%-Housing allowance
Oman7%10.5%Basic salary + Social allowance + Housing allowance*7.5%10%Basic salary + Social allowance
Bahrain7%12%Basic salary + Social allowance + Housing allowance*7%10%Basic salary + Social allowance
19%-Other allowances17%-Housing allowance + Other allowances

* Please note that the Housing Allowance amount shall be restricted to QAR 6,000 per month for the calculation of employer contribution. The amount in excess of the capping limit mentioned above shall be borne by the employee.

Please contact your Mercans’ services delivery team for any additional information regarding the implications of the above change

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New contribution rates for GCC Nationals in Qatar effective January 03,2022

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