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Oman Announces New Labor Law

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Effective from 25 July 2023, the Omani government through Royal Decree No. 53/2023 issued the New Labor Law which replaces the Old Labor law issued through Royal Decree No. 35/2003.

Please find the previous and new law comparison in the below table:

Article (New Law)Old Labor Law (35/2003)New Labor Law (53/2023)
61Gratuity, 15 days basic for first 3 years. 1 basic each, for subsequent yearsGratuity, 1 basic for each year
70Work hours, 9 hours daily, 45 hours weekly, 30 minutes breakWork hours, 8 hours daily, 1 hour break. 40 hours weekly
76NilThe nursing mother is given 1 hour at the time of her choice, fully paid per day, to take care of her child (applicable up to 1 year from end of maternity leave)
78NilAnnual leave balance carry-forward, no more than 30 days.
80NilProvision for special leave without pay
81- Postponement of the worker’s annual leave by one year

- The worker shall take leave at least once every 2 years, for at least 2 weeks.

- The worker is entitled to the basic wage for his annual leave balance, if any, at end of service
- Postponement of the worker’s annual leave by maximum 6 months

- The worker must take leave at least once every 2 years, for at least 30 days.

- The worker is entitled to the full wage for his annual leave balance, if any, at end of service
811-14 Days 100% pay

15-28 Days 75% pay

29-42 Days 50% pay

43-70 Days 25% pay

71+ Days 0% pay
Sick leave for 182 days

From 1-21 Days 100% pay

From 22-35 Days 75% pay

From 36-70 Days 50% pay

From 71-182 Days 35% pay
83NilA female worker may be granted, upon her request, leave without pay for up to a year to take care of her child.
87- Nil- 7 Days of paternity leave
- 3 days in case of death of son, daughter, mother, father, wife, grandfather, grandmother, brother or sister. 2 days in case of the death of an uncle, or an aunt.- 10 days for the death of the wife or one of the sons or daughters. 3 days in the event of the death of the father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, or sister. 2 days in event of the death of an uncle, aunt, uncle or aunt.
- Nil- 14 days for a non-Muslim woman for husband’ death
- Nil- 15 days throughout the year for the Omani worker to accompany a patient, with whom he is related by marital relationship or relationship up to second degree.
- 50 days maternity leave; total 3 time during service with an employer- 98 days maternity leave; total number of times it can be availed not specified.
NASix days emergency leave per yearNo specific mention regarding emergency leave

Please contact your Mercans’ services delivery team for any additional information regarding the implications of the above change.

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