Aug 10, 2023 3 min read

HR Blizz Wins The Rising Star Award from Leading B2B Review Platform — FinancesOnline

HR Blizz earned another notch on its belt when a major B2B software marketplace granted our accounting software a major award.

FinancesOnline, one of the leading software directories today, confers HR Blizz with a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our product’s growing user base and increasing popularity. The honor is given to recently released business software products quickly gaining market acceptance.

FinancesOnline’s expert software reviewers also conducted a thorough HR Blizz review and determined that it has solid features to help businesses succeed. They also tested our customer service and found our reps dependable and responsive.

HR Blizz Acquires an Accounting Software Award from Leading B2B Review Platform

In their evaluation, the FinancesOnline experts praised our platform’s comprehensiveness and usability. Their attention was particularly drawn to the software’s outbound interfaces and dynamic reporting, employee self-service portal, and complete HRM and payroll control.

The review mentioned how the outbound interfaces and dynamic reporting greatly help easily navigate company payroll. Payroll results are linked via electronic interfaces to auxiliary systems that depend on payroll data. Create and download your reports easily.

All users and stakeholders can access payroll data and reports instantly. All previously created reports, including Master Data Reports, are accessible to the administrator, who can also view and download any from the PAC. Any report can be sorted and filtered. But by default, only the most recent year’s reports are visible.

In addition to these, FinancesOnline mentioned the employee self-service portal. The employee database, as its name suggests, is a collection of personnel records for the employee. The administrator can view it in one of two ways. The administrator can add or remove any employee from the employee listing, which is the first view. This view provides a macro perspective. The second is through the employee card, where the administrator can view all the data regarding specific employees. After that, workers can access the card and independently edit or add information.

They also praised HR Blizz’s creative full HRM and payroll control, which enables users to benefit from the effectiveness and expertise of the company’s specialists, who can handle complex HR tasks daily and complete their jobs more quickly than a traditional workforce. With the help of a single global payroll dashboard, the payroll administrator can see the status of every payroll. The Payroll Admin Console (PAC) provides control and transparency and is the foundation for automated payroll processing.

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In 2021, the top payroll software vendors held over 60.4% of the market for Payroll applications worldwide. Using payroll software can greatly reduce the difficulty of managing payroll.
Moreover, most of its top-of-the-line features are what review platforms search for on their list of top payroll software solutions today. We at HR Blizz want to express our gratitude to FinancesOnline for highlighting our work. Being honored by reputable organizations like this inspires us to keep providing top-notch payroll software solutions.

We also want to express our gratitude to the organizations that have turned to us for their needs in payroll software. You can rely on us to keep providing dependable services and developing new features so we can enhance your overall experience and achieve greater company success.

We make a lot of effort to provide innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of our clients because we understand how important payroll management is. Your confidence and support enable us to continuously improve our payroll software, ensuring that your important data is always secure and easy to navigate.

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