May 16, 2024 3 min read

Mercans Triples Its Global Payroll Innovation Center Resources

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In July last year, Mercans introduced G2N Nova, its third-generation global payroll engine, representing a significant technology upgrade and introducing new capabilities that redefined how multinationals approached their global payroll strategy. The exemplary G2N Nova has since been creating waves in the realm of payroll tech due to its power-packed features. Taking a leap forward in the direction of tech advancement in payroll, recently, Mercans made a grand, strategic investment into innovation.

What is it all about though? Read below in the detailed announcement.


Mercans is pleased to announce that over the past 12 months, we have significantly expanded our Global Innovation Center (R&D) resources, tripling our capabilities and further innovating in the realm of payroll technology. This expansion has allowed us to expedite the rollout of technological enhancements to our advanced payroll technology stack.

This progress comes on the heels of the recent launch of our state-of-the-art global gross-to-net calculation engine, G2N Nova. Utilizing our finely created, stateless application architecture, G2N Nova represents a striking advancement in the global payroll industry. 

It stands as the only payroll engine capable of delivering 100% accurate gross-to-net calculations for over 100 countries. What’s more, it achieves this success through a singular, native platform in real-time, all without requiring any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of client resources.

It also fills us with pride to share that this powerful calc engine i.e. G2N Nova has laid the groundwork for incorporating blockchain technology into payroll processes, opening the door for instant and 100% tamper-proof verification of payroll calculations and payments. It is important to note that this innovative approach ensures a permanent, unmodifiable record of real-time transactions, bolstering trust among third parties such as financial institutions and tax authorities. As a result, global compliance too is maintained at the highest level.

Moving forward on the path of payroll excellence, our recent recruitment efforts are geared towards deeply strengthening this move of innovation. Reason being, we’re dedicated to constructing a robust, reliable and infallible ecosystem centered on tech-forward, integration capabilities. 

Additionally, we’re also advancing futuristic payroll technology, including a dynamic, hyper-intelligent data parser, tailored specifically for the payroll industry. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate AI and ML into payroll processing, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Needless to say, in the near future, Mercans will prioritize leveraging AI for data loading and post-processing tasks, recognizing the potential for automation in this zone.


In the future, AI use in case management will be widespread. AI is already starting to be used for this function, for example, we’re exploring the use of Large Language Models to develop naturalistic service bots.”

Martin Kangur

Martin Kangur

Deputy CTO of Mercans

Furthermore, while many payroll providers rely on machine learning for task automation, we are taking a step further by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Through RPA, we aim to automate payroll data validation and enable real-time management of digital processes, ensuring complete efficiency and accuracy in our services.


With the speed of advancement in AI capability, it is important for organizations to have the correct data protection protocols. For example, knowing what data is being held, where it is stored, and in which countries your organization is considered to be a data controller or processor. This process will become more complex once AI is involved, especially if AI tools are not entirely controlled by your organization.”

Tatjana Domovits

Tatjana Domovits

Mercans’ Group CEO

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