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Mercans Sets the Stage for a Payroll Revolution with G2N Nova Enhancements

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Launching into the new year with excitement, we’re delighted to unveil new updates to our third-generation Gross to Net Payroll Engine – G2N Nova. This industry-disruptive global payroll solution, not only fortifyies our payroll technology leadership, but also puts an end to major global payroll challenges, from data privacy compliance to processing latency and more.

World-Class Stateless Application Architecture

Harnessing our game-changing, stateless application architecture for fully anonymous payroll processing, this innovative approach allows the handling of gross-to-net payrolls without any transfer of sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from clients to Mercans’ G2N Nova global payroll application.

Stateless Application Architecture

Tailored to meet dynamic demands, featuring our stateless architecture—an industry-first innovation, these updates signify a pivotal leap towards delivering a technologically advanced, streamlined, and seamlessly integrated payroll experience.

Mercans Sets the Stage for a Payroll Revolution with G2N Nova Enhancements
Mercans Sets the Stage for a Payroll Revolution with G2N Nova Enhancements

That’s not all. G2N Nova stands as the sole payroll engine capable of delivering 100% accurate gross-to-net calculations for 100+ countries. Moreover, it accomplishes this through a singular, native platform in real-time, ensuring no access or storage of identifiable information related to employees. Thus, leaving no scope for data breaches and effectively addressing intricate data privacy and global compliance requirements (including GDPR), affirming its technological prowess and independence.

Open your arms to the latest version of G2N Nova

Mercans Sets the Stage for a Payroll Revolution with G2N Nova Enhancements

Stateless application architecture

First-of-its-kind innovation in the payroll industry.

Mercans Sets the Stage for a Payroll Revolution with G2N Nova Enhancements

Anonymous Payroll

Does not require any sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Mercans Sets the Stage for a Payroll Revolution with G2N Nova Enhancements

Real-time Net Pay

Offers Continuous Calc feature which updates employee net pay in real- time, based on any changes to their records.

Anonymous Payroll

For businesses wary of data breaches and ransomware attacks when relying on external providers for global payroll processing, G2N Nova stands out as a technological boon and evidently, the ultimate solution. Its stateless app architecture eradicates data privacy concerns entirely by ensuring that clients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) remains within their data centers, and the payroll-related information utilized by G2N Nova is entirely anonymized.

Real-Time Delivery of Net Pay

Another reason why, this futuristic payroll engine is set to take the payroll game a notch above is due to its Continuous Calc feature, that redefines payroll processing and discards the traditional multi-step cycle. We also introduce real-time net pay, where Continuous Calc maintains live gross-to-net values, automatically updating employees’ net pay with each record update. No more waiting for processing cycles – access real-time gross-to-net values for all employees instantly!

Furthermore, our leading-edge global payroll engine automates tasks without storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), ensuring zero-error performance and eliminating potential biases. Through this, our clients are sure to benefit from significant cost savings, with an impressive 50% reduction in payroll expenses, making it a highly profitable solution for businesses.

Unmatched Data Privacy Excellence

As stated earlier, our application prioritizes data privacy – like no other global payroll engine can. The engine operates without accessing any sensitive personal employee information, ensuring complete anonymization and statelessness. This unique approach enables the client to send in multiple queries and requests during calculations – all at once, simplifying processes and accelerating results.

Our clients can also benefit from an additional advantage with the engine – its 100% unhackable nature that ensures complete confidentiality against cyber threats, offering reassurance to legal teams and senior management concerned about data security.

Further enhancing its appeal, the system showcases 100% global compliance & its integration with statutory authorities – globally, provides high scalability for organizations of all sizes and industries, even those with over 100,000 employees. Needless to say, crafted for independent and efficient payroll management worldwide, it adeptly navigates local privacy regulations.

Our technology also promises instantaneous validation and verification of individual Net Pay calculation in real-time, in a 100% secure environment. This approach is intended to bring about a substantial reduction in overhead and fraud, significantly boosting payroll processing speed for businesses.

Intelligent Integration Capabilities for Top HCM & WFM Platforms

As we speak, this payroll technology stack has already garnered acclaim and traction from multinational corporations for seamlessly integrating with all major HCM, and HRMS systems. Thus, We have proudly been hailed for spearheading the creation of an innovative, cross-border, multi-country payroll solution that provides gross-to-net payroll processing across 100+ countries and also provides clients with complete visibility and simplicity.

Transforming Global Payroll with Blockchain

In a strategic leap forward, the upgraded G2N Nova lays a foundation for incorporating blockchain technology into payroll processes, allowing instantaneous and 100% tamper-proof verification of payroll calculations and payments using blockchain technology. Blockchain will create a permanent, unchangeable record of real-time record of all payroll transactions and amounts — so no one can alter or remove it. This revolutionary approach, thus, solidifies the foundation for third parties, including financial institutions, tax authorities, etc.

The new ground-breaking version of G2N Nova offers global, gross-to-net payroll processing capabilities, making it the the world’s most advanced, powerful, and only third generation gross-to-net pay engine. Available as a standalone global payroll platform or seamlessly integrated with major HCM or Workforce Management software solutions, G2N Nova undoubtedly, ushers in a new era in payroll processing.

Your feedback counts!

As always, we would love to hear what you think about the changes we make to our G2N engine! If you’re interested in providing us with feedback on your experience with Mercans, please reach out to us on [email protected]

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.

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