Apr 27, 2021 6 min read

Six Reasons Why Mercans is the Global Payroll Outsourcing Leader

Managing Human Resources and Payroll functions for a multinational company can be a complex task. Working in just, say, the US and Japan means handling two different sets of labor laws, sending cash across the Pacific Ocean, and handling employees’ data and international securely and in compliance with the local data privacy rules. For every country you expand into, the enormity of the international payroll tasks increases.

Luckily, Mercans international payroll solutions can help. Our global payroll outsourcing solutional are already available in over 160+ countries, with 8,000 happy clients, and we just keep growing, because of the international payroll features that set us apart from the pack. Here’s just a few of them.

1. We are not an international payroll outsourcing aggregator

Other international payroll solutions are like patchwork quilts. They stitch together service from different In-Country Payroll Providers to stretch across your whole employee base.

This international payroll outsourcing solution provides uneven results. For instance, it doesn’t matter how good your network security is if your In-country Payroll Provider in India doesn’t meet the same global compliance standards. The same applies to payroll outsourcing provider’s customer service, speed and reliability. Even if the payroll outsourcing aggregator is brilliant, if their partners are subpar, it can cause big problems.

Mercans doesn’t play this game. We never use subcontractors to process your payrolls. We don’t have to, because we have our own local presence, with in-country payroll processing and compliance teams, in over 160+ countries. No other global payroll provider can promise to care for your payroll from HQ to the last mile. So no other international payroll outsourcing provider can ensure our top-notch service and quick delivery from California to Cape Town, without compromising the service quality or running afoul with the local compliance rules.

2. We take data security and privacy compliance seriously

Global payroll naturally involves a lot of sensitive data. With a rise in high-profile data security breaches, you should be thinking about the compliance risks involved in sending that data across the globe.

Mercans has been thinking about this more than any international payroll outsourcing provider in the world. It is another reason we always handle your global payroll every step of the way without using third-party payroll outsourcing providers. Because that is the only way we can ensure the highest levels of data protection and privacy compliance.

Our global payroll outsourcing products and international services only use proprietary payroll and HR SaaS technology. We made it, so we know that it is safe, and it does not depend on other systems that might degrade or create an avenue for hackers. We are happy to say that, in twenty years of service, we’ve never had a security breach involving client data.

But we never get complacent. We have made sure our payroll outsourcing systems meet the highest security standards and data privacy standard established for global payroll outsourcing industry, such as the GDPR, ISO, and SOC 1 and 2. External auditors have agreed that our international payroll services are safe as houses, so you can rest easily in yours.

3. We offer customizable global payroll outsourcing services

Different companies have different needs. One size can’t fit all.

That is why Mercans offers a variety of international payroll outsourcing service packages, from purely payroll processing, to a comprehensive HR package that includes data entry, international treasury, compliance and employee contact center services.

We can also tailor you payroll outsourcing services account management structure to suit your needs. We can work with your central team, establish connections between our in-country payroll teams and yours, or embed our payroll processing teams at client sites to work even more closely with your employees and ensure compliance with your data security requirements. Whatever your needs, there’s a plan and a structure to suit them.

4. Our global payroll and HR SaaS platform is built for users

Many HR and payroll applications can be confounding. Though they promise endless customization options and features, in practice, they can be difficult to figure out, even if all of your employees are expected to take advantage of them.

Mercans is easy.  For one, our HR Blizz Global Payroll & HR SaaS platform is comprehensive. You won’t need 10 different services: HR Blizz can manage payroll, benefits, onboarding, recruitment, leaves, treasury, compliance and more. Your employees can use it to check their data, and your administrators can use it to build reports, manage changes and audit data.

If employees do have questions about their payrolls or HR records, they can access our easy-to-follow visual guides. Or, they can open a help desk ticket, and we’ll get back to them. Plus, like all parts of the Mercans structure, it’s consistent across the globe, so employees can help guide and instruct each other.

With simplicity, consistency and comprehensiveness, HR Blizz ensures the best payroll and HR user experience from a part-timer to CEO.

5. Our global payroll outsourcing services are scalable

Mercans’ Global Payroll application HR Blizz runs on a private cloud model, with servers already established across the globe. This gives us a big leg-up when your company decides to work with us. For one, we can get going fast: in as little as 2 weeks, depending on the number of employees. It means that your work is saved to the cloud, so a freak power outage or crash won’t destroy a whole day’s payroll work. It means you can monitor performance and get real time usage and response data.

And it means we scale easily, so you can grow and change globally without skipping a beat. Activate cores and memory as needed to improve capacity and bandwidth. Big changes might take our international payroll competitors weeks. We can edit configurations or adapt to new payroll and tax regulations within hours or even minutes.

Do you have existing infrastructure you want us to work with? Easily done. APIs and flat file formatting let our tech work nicely with yours.

Business moves fast, so we do too. Agility and innovation are part of how we work globally, so you never have to wait for HR or payroll to catch up.

6. We are already helping some of the biggest companies in the world

At Mercans, we have a track record of helping large, multinational companies handle their HR and payroll outsourcing needs. We have 5,000+  global payroll clients, almost all global multinationals. And we’re incredibly proud to count 3M, Uber, Johnson & Johnson, Ernst & Young, Adidas, Airbus, Bayer, Nokia, Audi and more among those customers. With a retention rate of 97%, we’re confident that we’re keeping those clients happy, as well.

We’d be thrilled to help your company, as well. Call 1 877 MERCANS (637 2267) today.

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