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Why Outsource Global Mobility to a Specialist

Global mobility, the invaluable key to international growth

Companies expanding internationally do not necessarily need to create legal entities in foreign countries to conduct business abroad. However, they do need people to represent them and oversee their multinational activities. For this, companies can choose to either relocate employees or hire staff locally. Regardless of the option selected, employers must comply with local labor and tax laws, implement international HR processes and systems, which is costly and time-consuming. Given the potential risks related to entering new and unfamiliar international markets, outsourcing global mobility is the most efficient option for getting started quickly, while ensuring full compliance.

The need for a global mobility specialist is ever-growing

For global mobility service providers, employee mobilization means the transfer of employees from their home country to a host country. Mobilization specialists, like Mercans, facilitate the full mobility process. A global mobility specialist for two decades, Mercans has the expertise and resources to manage the entire cycle of global mobility engagements, including supporting assignees with their home country pre-departure activities, immigration processes, home, and host country tax compliance matters, relocation and ultimately with home country repatriation activities. Our global mobility experts advise employers and their assignees on complicated compliance and immigration matters while delivering actionable HR insights and PEO services. Nowadays, professional global mobility outsourcing specialists – especially those that combine global employment outsourcing solutions (GEO) and PEO services – are very much in demand by companies around the world.

Global mobility solutions can include different HR services

If you are planning to do business in new markets, you will probably need to relocate staff and, therefore, deal with mobilization issues, or hire new staff. The recruitment or mobilization of your international staff requires the whole HR process – from recruitment to payroll, compliance, and complex administrative paperwork – to be considered at the global and local levels: labor contracts, immigration formalities, visa applications, relocation logistics, benefits management, social security, and insurance, etc. How will you comply with different labor laws, local taxes, and complex employment regulations? Do you have the capacity to cater to the international travel needs of your employees in terms of cost and convenience?

Global mobility solutions must include compliance services

Due to the increasing volume of international business, the human resources and payroll departments have become overwhelmed by global mobility management tasks. Every country has its processes and laws that exacerbate the complexity of global mobility tasks. Your company must comply with national, as well as local and state, labor, and tax regulations. This can be a very costly and daunting responsibility. Our HRM, payroll, and compliance consultants deliver actionable international mobility strategies and guarantee that any changes in tax laws and employment regulations implemented and followed for all of your assignments. For example, we have unparalleled knowledge of the wage protection system (WPS) in various countries, and we deliver invaluable strategic HR insights and compliance advice every step of the way.

Global mobility solutions must include global payroll services

When it comes to payroll, you can utilize an international payroll service provider like Mercans to benefit from statutory-compliant global payroll solutions. Alternatively, you can choose to hire payroll staff locally to manage your international payroll functions. However, they must be proficient in international and foreign tax and labor regulations, willing to work in different time zones and languages. They must be able to navigate a variety of international payroll complexities related to end-of-service gratuity, overtime and absences calculations, as well as local health and life insurance, pension matters, and more. Outsourcing global mobility to a partner like Mercans means that you can rely on our specialists for managing either part or all of your global mobility program.

Global mobility solutions must include GEO and PEO services

It is not uncommon that your business growth precedes the growth of your corporate footprint, and you might not have local legal entities in all host countries. This challenge can be easily overcome by taking advantage of Mercans’ employer of record service that provides a platform for hiring local staff or transferring international assignees without incorporating local companies. Mercans’ PEO/GEO services enable employers to engage local or international resources through Mercans’ local legal entities without having to worry about any aspects of local setup or compliance. Our experts can recruit, employ, and payroll your staff while you retain the full operational oversight of your employees. Mercans will also process all work and residency permits for your assignees and their family members, ensure their safe arrival and setup in host countries, as well as compliance with all local regulations. Our experienced teams of global PEO GEO experts and our international payroll and tax compliance consultants specialize in working with companies relocating employees abroad, particularly to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, and also to countries in Asia, Africa, the Far East, and Australasia.

Comprehensive mobility solutions for seamless international growth

Outsourcing global mobility function means shifting responsibilities to external professionals who can take over the full human resources function. With Mercans, the global mobility process can be managed from start to finish, involving no third-parties and no hidden costs. We offer our clients full-fledged global mobility management and logistics services, bringing workers from their home country to their host country, where they can be cared for and repatriated to home countries when their assignments come to an end. Our global mobility solutions include workforce transfer and deployment, with a focus on immigration, work permits, visas, payroll, logistics, and many other aspects of a company’s relocation and growth, and involves process automation for higher transparency and accurate data exchange in real-time.

Why outsource global mobility to a single specialist?

With local teams and entities in all regions of the world, our clients and their employees can make a smooth transition they are looking for. Our in-country teams help to quickly establish our clients’ presence abroad, without the need to establish a legal entity in foreign locations and help their employees relocate with ease. We manage all corporate and employment formalities and ensure that the local payroll processes are performed in compliance with labor laws and employment taxes and regulations. Unlike Mercans, very few companies have the legal and human resources to handle projects that require quick and compliant mobilizations of assignees or recruitment of local staff.

Direct service delivery, the key to success

By eliminating intermediaries from our global mobility service delivery model, Mercans can offer competitive service fees and guarantee the highest quality service delivery throughout the employee engagement cycle. Our dedicated account management teams ensure that you and your employees can reach our customer service staff 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Our local teams will always be at the disposal of your employees to support them with any challenges they might face.

Why outsource global mobility to Mercans?

Mercans is the right partner for your global mobility. Put all together, Mercans’ solutions meet any mobility requirement. We propose multi-country employee leasing and recruitment, talent acquisition, BPO services, HR management advisory, multi-country payroll, and employee data management software SaaS platforms. Our full range of global mobility solutions meets all your HRM needs while ensuring local compliance. Today, our company is one of the leading outsourcing service providers in the global mobility market. We are praised for the excellence of our customer service without intermediaries, along with our massive network of local experts in 140+ countries in the Middle East, Europe, North and Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.

Mercans’ global mobility technology solutions

Mercans’ proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and global HR Blizz HRMS Suite provide you with access to the latest technology for making your global mobility assignments a success. Our cutting-edge cloud solutions provide you and your employees with access to tools for tracking recruitment and onboarding statuses, assignment costs, home and host-country payroll details, benefits, and much more. All of our software solutions are ISO 20000 and 27001 certified, GDPR compliant, and SOC 1 and 2 audited.

If you plan to pursue international growth and need a global mobility expert to make your ambitions come true, contact us now.

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