9 Benefits of Outsourcing Global PEO and GEO Services

  • Companies that grow internationally would be wise to outsource their human resources management (PEO GEO), recruitment, global talent acquisition, global payroll, and local compliance functions – including administrative tasks – to international human capital management and global payroll outsourcing companies to save time and money. This type of outsourcing helps companies attract the best talents and keep abreast of often changing compliance regulations in different countries. To do this, companies can appoint global PEO GEO outsourcing services providers like Mercans.
  • Companies may need to utilize international HRM and global PEO outsourcing services for human resources outsourcing at large or specific outsourcing services like recruitment, onboarding, candidates tracking, global payroll management and processing, employee leasing, benefits management, and more outsourcing services. Many specialisms like these fall within the general terminology defined as PEO and GEO Services. Mercans gives you 9 benefits your company will enjoy if you choose to outsource global PEO and GEO services.

100% Customized Outsourced Employee Management Services

  • Essentially, global PEO GEO services providers offer a menu of outsourced employee management tasks from which companies can pick and choose from. Small companies often turn to global PEO and GEO outsourcing companies like Mercans to access more sophisticated and cost-effective services that they cannot conduct internally. Global PEO and GEO outsourcing can also offer more extensive services including the management of employee benefits packages, workers’ compensation and insurance, risk management, personal development, and training.
  • Global PEO GEO outsourcing also allows companies to hire full-time employees in foreign jurisdictions without the need to establish or operate foreign subsidiaries. In short, no need to create local legal entities to do business in foreign countries or expand in new regions. In these cases, the PEO GEO outsourcing services provider become employer of record in specific overseas markets. This employer of record option is an example of an augmented services offer from the suite of services on offer from a company like Mercans.

1/ Protecting you from International Compliance Risks

  • As mentioned earlier, international PEO GEO outsourcing companies like Mercans often serve as the employer of record in any number of the company’s target markets. PEO GEO outsourcing companies in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa provide tailored services which couple local experience and regulations expertise with seamless, sophisticated outsourced management of numerous back-office functions.
  • When providing employer of record services as a component of these services – companies markedly reduce their liability risk and time involved in hiring employees, as well as securing protection for their valuable intellectual property. Simply setting up a stand-alone foreign subsidiary, if done without the assistance of PEO GEO outsourcing services providers, can take months in and of itself.

2/ Easier to Attract Highly-Qualified Talent

  • Combined PEO GEO outsourcing also permits more flexible hiring solutions based on custom employment scenarios, including the ability to attract and retain high-level, more expensive talent. It also permits companies to outsource the task of full legal employer to the PEO GEO outsourcing services provider – by creating and utilizing independent subsidiary structures in each jurisdiction for purposes of employing locally – while remaining in charge of employees.
  • This helps companies that are expanding into new jurisdictions remain up-to-date and compliant with local laws and regulations, which are often complex.

3/ Legal Risk is Reduced

  • When PEO GEO outsourcing providers act as co-employers or employers of record — this enables the international PEO GEO outsourcing companies in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa to assume greater employer responsibilities than what can be achieved through simple HR outsourcing. This scenario reduces legal risk to the company because they have chosen to utilize HRO in general and HRM and PEO outsourcing services in particular.

4/ Employee Benefits Increase

  • Co-employment also permits PEO GEO outsourcing companies to bring together groups of employees from different small companies and offer services and benefits that would only otherwise be offered by large companies. Hence, in the modern context of globalization, companies willing to expand abroad can more easily access good local talent pools with PEO GEO outsourcing companies like Mercans.
  • In these cases, employees can often receive higher wages and benefits, thereby making the expanding company a more sought-after place to work because of its relationship with a PEO GEO outsourcing services provider like Mercans.

5/ Calibrated Risk Management

  • When employers opt for more augmented services packages, PEO GEO outsourcing companies can take on even more additional shared employer risks including ensuring employee firings and disputes are resolved legally, while also protecting the company from lawsuits.
  • PEO GEO outsourcing companies can of course, at the election of the outsourcing services, also take on less responsibility while at the same time assuming more risk. For example, when providing payroll services to corporate entities which are wholly owned subsidiaries of the parent company back home — PEO GEO outsourcing companies can not only process payroll but also file tax returns on behalf of companies, and hence assume more risk and make things more efficient in international markets.
  • This option allows companies to have the best of both worlds by utilizing a limited suite of services option while at the same time lowering compliance risks.

6/ Maximum Flexibility

  • In most cases, companies that retain PEO GEO outsourcing providers will simply see the PEO GEO outsourcing services companies name on paychecks and human resources correspondence and paperwork. Here, the company continues to control its operations, including employee functions – while the PEO GEO outsourcing provider assumes responsibility for administration of payroll, benefits, and tax filings.
  • International HR and PEO outsourcing in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa is ultimately well positioned to assist your company with a suite of services to meet basic needs – which can also be ramped up at any time if and when necessary.

7/ An Expansive Suite of Services

  • Companies that retain PEO GEO outsourcing companies like Mercans will be able to gauge their needs and choose from a basic suite of services or expand to more augmented services based on their unique needs — at any time. These more augmented services might include employee benefits that are usually reserved for larger organizations – including medical and dental benefits or even educational or childcare assistance.
  • Companies can also choose assistance with the administration of their HR function. These services, often referred to as HRM and PEO outsourcing services, help to support a company’s international HR staff with a variety of service options including management of employer liabilities, risk mitigation, assistance with termination of employees, the administration of leave (which includes family and medical leave, organ donor leave, or leave for other purposes).
  • When companies choose more expansive services, they can also include training and development services to help ensure a company’s workforce is always up to date with the newest skills and technologies. PEO and recruitment outsourcing companies like Mercans also provide customized recruitment and hiring services. In addition, strategic HR planning, including the attraction and retention of talent, as mentioned above, and the management of HR costs, are frequent additions to services provided.
  • It is important for companies here to work closely with their HRM and PEO outsourcing services provider to identify what exactly they need – and as time goes on – adjust their services selection based on their changing needs.

8/ Faster, more profitable international growth

  • Companies that utilize International HR and PEO outsourcing companies in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa can rest assured that whatever services they do choose – lines of communication will always be open to them in the event they need to adjust any aspect of any service they are receiving.
  • In the end, by working with a GEO and PEO outsourcing services company like Mercans, globalizing companies will become more efficient and grow more quickly and safely, while doing so cost effectively and more profitably.

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