Lebanon –The Government Response to COVID-19
The government of Lebanon has introduced the following restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country:

  • The government has imposed a state of health emergency and called for a self-applied lockdown
  • Rafic Hariri International Airport has been closed for all commercial flights
  • The issuance of all types of visas and work permits has been suspended until further notice
  • All government offices have introduced shifts to minimize any potential exposure to COVID-19
  • All private companies have been closed and staff has been advised to work from home.

The following financial incentives have been granted to private sector companies:

  • The filing deadline for forms R5 (Income Tax on Salaries & Wages), R6 (Individual Tax Withholding Statements) and R7 (Leavers declaration) have been postponed until 31 March 2020
  • All National Social Security (CNSS) payments and declarations have been postponed for six months
  • The payment of National Social Security (CNSS) contributions have been postponed until the end of the state of emergency.

Download PDF: Lebanon Government Responds to COVID-19