Contingent or temporary workforce is often the right solution for the companies that need to onboard non-core staff quickly and without having to deal with the hassles of recruiting and payrolling them. Utilizing the Employee Outsourcing solutions becomes especially attractive when a company is either in the stage of exploring the opportunity of entering a new international market or wants to keep their presence in the new market nimble and flexible.

The Employee Outsourcing Services solutions allow companies to avoid many unnecessary risks and costs, including the following:

  • Setting up local legal entities
  • Developing expertise in the local Labor Law matters
  • Procuring local benefits
  • Administering local payrolls
  • Managing risks related to employee separation or disputes

The above issues are even more acute in the Middle East. The company setup costs are high, local Labor Laws are complicated and employee separation processes can get very messy.

Is the contract labor an answer to all of these problems?

Employee Outsourcing industry is highly regulated in the Middle East and only available through licensed service providers in certain countries of the Middle East. Below is the summary of the contingent workforce services availability in the Middle East:

  • Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates – Only a licensed services provider can offer the Employee Outsourcing Services. Various restrictions apply.
  • Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt have no effective restrictions that limit contingent or temporary workforce services.

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