Mercans, Leading Payroll Outsourcing and PEO/GEO Services Provider Delivers Insights for Turkey

Our payroll service covers all necessary steps of the payroll process from collecting the input data, handling of payment transactions to payment, reporting, and electronic filing. You won’t have to worry about incurring tax penalties for late or incomplete filing and payment. Your company and your employees can focus solely on your business goals, without ever having to worry about the complexities of payroll management.
  • Mercans, one of the leading payroll outsourcing services provider and PEO/GEO outsourcing companies in Turkey and in the Middle East, and an employee leasing, recruitment and BPO services provider in Turkey and in the Middle East, offers you the most recent Payroll and HR Insights for Turkey. Coming from one of the best global payroll and PEO outsourcing companies in Ankara and Istanbul, these insights provide an invaluable overview of the information every Payroll & HR specialist should know before setting up their HR and payroll functions in Turkey – and more specifically payroll outsourcing services in Ankara or Istanbul – or signing up with international payroll outsourcing or PEO/GEO services provider. Mercans’ overview of labor laws, tax and social security regulations in Turkey allows you to tackle the challenges of local compliance in Turkey, navigate the local complexities and avoid pitfalls.
  • While this summary will serve you as a great payroll outsourcing guide in Turkey, you should still get in touch with Mercans’ Turkey payroll outsourcing, compliance, PEO/GEO and BPO experts for a free consultation on  setting up fully compliant payroll and HR functions. Better yet, outsource your payroll and HR activities in Turkey to Mercans and our specialists of payroll outsourcing in Turkey will ensure that your employees will always be paid on time and in accordance with local labor laws and employment regulations in Turkey.

1 Mercans’ Payroll Outsourcing Solutions in Turkey

  • Most of the global payroll outsourcing companies are subcontracting to a large number of payroll services providers the management of their clients’ global payroll requirements for their operations across the Middle East. They aggregate the entire payroll data into one single application – bundling them all into their individual database – for further payroll processing in Turkey. With the existence of different fragmented systems, the risk of inconsistent or incorrect payroll data being fed into payroll software is high, and this can cause problems for employers and employees while increasing expenses when you do business in Turkey.
  • Mercans, on the other hand, proposes a unified multi-country payroll approach with centralized solutions for integrating payroll information into a single system. Such solutions can allow for standardized, real-time processing of payroll data in Turkey, and companies can manage global payroll in Turkey regardless of where employees come from or in which area of Turkey they work. Mercans’ clients – multinational organizations of all sizes and industries – can thus access consolidated data, processes, and operations associated with their payroll function in Turkey.
  • Mercans’ global payroll solutions allow handling payroll management and salaries effectively in Turkey, or any country in the Middle East or worldwide, with solutions capable of integrating ancillary payroll processes, other HR services, and employee benefits. Such solutions enable standardized processing of payroll input data in real-time. Regardless of where their employees are based, companies can manage their payroll in Turkey with a completely consolidated view and in-depth analysis of payroll operations across all locations in Turkey, in the Middle East, or wherever they operate.

To summarize, Mercans’ payroll outsourcing solutions in Turkey are unique and revolutionary.

  • Mercans is not an aggregator –
    Your payroll outsourcing services in Turkey will be delivered by Mercans’ dedicated payroll outsourcing team in Turkey. No middlemen or subcontractors will ever see your confidential data.
  • We use our proprietary payroll outsourcing software platform, that has been specifically designed to handle the complexities and requirements of labor laws and employment regulations in Turkey.
  • Your data will always be secure with Mercans – Mercans is one of the only international payroll outsourcing companies in Turkey with ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001 certifications; has passed SOC 1 and 2 (both Type 1 and 2) audits; is GDPR compliant and has successfully completed OWASP Type 3.0 penetration tests.
  • Mercans’ payroll outsourcing software platform available for your business operations in Turkey can be easily integrated with any global HRMS systems; i.e. Workday, SAP, SuccessFactors, Oracle, Dynamics, etc.
  • Mercans’ payroll outsourcing fees in Turkey are transparent and competitive – you will save 30-50% over the service fees of any other comparative payroll outsourcing providers in Turkey.
To know more about how Mercans multi-country payroll solutions can transform your payroll in Turkey click here.  Our global payroll experts are available for you and will assist you promptly for all your payroll needs in Turkey.

2 Mercans’ PEO/GEO Outsourcing Services in Turkey

  • Mercans brings to you the convenience of PEO outsourcing services in  Turkey. This means that if you are looking for recruitment and employment support in Turkey you don’t have to set up a local entity. One of the leading global PEO outsourcing companies in Turkey and in the Middle East, Mercans, a worldwide trusted international PEO services provider, becomes you employer of record in Turkey and manages your human resources in Turkey on your behalf. While giving you the flexibility to pay only what you need, we can take care of all your human resources requirements in Turkey, including insurance, taxes, and salaries, in compliance with Turkish labor laws and employment regulations.
  • As a professional employer organization in Turkey, Mercans controls all the costs and mechanics of employment from A to Z. Since we provide outsourced human resources services and bespoke human capital management to all business sizes – in all industries – willing to expand in Turkey, our employment solutions in Turkey help you develop business with highly qualified candidates properly hired by Mercans. By enabling our clients to accurately employ and pay employees in Turkey without the need to create a legal entity, we eliminate administrative burdens and paperwork and we simplify the onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • If you are already too busy to deal with another country or do not have a local legal entity in Turkey and need to hire staff in Ankara or Istanbul, then Mercans’ PEO/GEO services in Turkey and the Middle East are the right solution for you. As a PEO services provider and employer of record, we will employ the staff on your behalf in Turkey and will ensure the full compliance with the Turkish regulations throughout the hire-to-retire cycle in Turkey. Mercans’ Turkey recruitment and immigration specialists will help you to find the right staff and complete their immigration process in just days.

To summarize, Mercans’ PEO and GEO outsourcing solutions in Turkey are convenient and effective. Even without any entity in the Middle East or in-country, you can operate quickly and efficiently in Turkey.

  • Mercans is a direct employer of record – Your PEO outsourcing services in Turkey will be delivered by Mercans’ dedicated Turkey professional employment outsourcing teams. This ensures that your employees receive the highest quality support in Turkey.
  • As your single dedicated employer of record (EOR), we attract and retain highly-qualified international candidates in Turkey for you while freeing you from creating a Turkish local entity and removing all administrative burdens from your shoulders.
  • Mercans’ PEO outsourcing services fees in Turkey are transparent and competitive, as we do not subcontract any human resource processes to third-parties – you will save 30-50% over the service fees of any other comparative PEO outsourcing services providers in Turkey.
  • We mitigate financial and compliance risks: Mercans in-country specialists know the market in Turkey inside-out and can accelerate recruitment and onboarding processes, formalities and paperwork, so your staff and hires in Turkey get to work quickly and easily, and generate revenue more quickly.
  • We guarantee up-to-date knowledge of labor laws and employment regulations in Turkey and we can handle the complexities and requirements of the Turkish legislations.
  • Your employees’ data will always be secure with Mercans – Mercans is one of the best international human resource management outsourcing services provider with ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001 certifications, plus, Mercans is fully GDPR compliant.

To know more about how to do business in Turkey, please click here. Mercans’ global payroll and human resources management experts in Turkey are available for you and will assist you promptly.