Mercans Your No.1 Global Payroll Outsourcing Provider

Global Payroll Outsourcing is a key Driver in Successful Global Expansion Strategies.

Existing Problems with Other Global Payroll Providers.

  • Other global payroll providers use aggregator services which when combined can seriously lack in security and efficiency in payroll processing,
  • Other global payroll providers, using aggregators do not have proprietorship rights to the payroll systems they use with their clients and must abide by their governance.
  • Other global payroll providers don’t provide you with real-time access to your payroll reports or are flexible in allowing you to make on-demand updates.
  • Other global payroll providers using aggregator technologies are more expensive, as they don’t own the software they use, this expense is then passed on to their clients.
  • Our Payroll Software is a Native Cloud-Based Platform providing flexibility, cost effectiveness and secure file backup in payroll processing.

What Makes Mercans Different from other Payroll Outsourcing Providers?

  • We think Global with our clients from day one. We take a long-term approach towards multi-country expansion with our clients. As they scale we provide the necessary Payroll & HR Outsourcing services to help our them expand in a natural and frictionless way.
  • We partner with our clients to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end Payroll & HR Solution.
  • We also offer other proprietary HR software like application tracking and onboarding systems. These use state-of-the-art Machine Learning and AI technologies, combined with our own payroll systems, give you a fully integrated HRMS.
  • We streamline your Global Payroll activities, by managing all your payroll needs internally and without the need for multiple subcontractors This guarantees immediate tangible results, rapidly improving the efficiency of your automated payroll systems.
  • We treat your Data Security with the utmost importance using military grade data security. Mercans Outsourcing Payroll Services are ISO 27001 certified and the only GEO service provider in the world to have all it’s locations and processes covered by ISO and SOC 1 & 2 standards.
  • HR Blizz our Cutting-Edge, User Centric Payroll Software is developed to allow all users to have real-time access to reports and analytics data.



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