Outsourcing services in Turkey: payroll, PEO/GEO, global talent acquisition & recruitment, BPO, HCM consulting & local statutory compliance services

Mercans’ Payroll Outsourcing in Turkey

  • Single multi-country payroll service providers like Mercans help achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) than aggregated services providers. Mercans global payroll solutions enable multinational companies to manage payroll by processing salary entries and data in real time in centralized platforms compatible with most of the SAP platforms when they operate in Turkey. Mercans’ clients can manage payroll for employees in Turkey and leave behind concerns related to compliance with Turkish labor laws and employment regulations, Turkish tax and social security, onboarding and offboarding in Turkey, and other related issues in Turkey. Mercans acts as a local HR outsourcing services provider for each country, including Turkey, while generating a seamless employee experience. Mercans’ unified payroll outsourcing solutions in Turkey help companies achieve consistency in payroll services, which is useful to drive an expansion strategy in Turkey, increase agility, and improve employee engagement.
  • Make sure your employees are always paid accurately and on time with real-time access to your HR and payroll data by allowing Mercans’ payroll outsourcing team in Turkey to manage all aspects of your payroll function in Turkey. Mercans’ cutting-edge HRBlizzTM global payroll suite is intuitive and transparent: save time, and let technology do the hard work. Mercans’ Business Intelligence and HRIS integration tools tie all of your systems into a single harmonious platform for successful business in Turkey.
  • Mercans’ Turkey payroll outsourcing offering leverages Mercans’ more than 20-year experience in delivering payroll outsourcing and PEO/GEO services in Turkey. HRBlizzTM  SaaS Global Payroll Suite features, a global payroll software designed for Turkey and payroll outsourcing in Turkey, include:
    • Integration of Turkish tax and social security systems and process
    • Ability to generate electronic bank files for all major bank in Turkey
    • Built-in working hours rules in compliance with the Turkish labor law
    • Holiday/annual leave calculations in accordance with Turkey’s employment regulations
    • Sick pay calculations in accordance with Turkey’s work legislation
    • Collective bargaining agreements related configurations and support
    • Sick pay calculations in accordance with Turkey’s work legislation
    • Income tax calculations in accordance with Turkey’s tax regulations
    • Tax calculations for non-resident individuals in Turkey
    • Foreign tax relief based tax credits
    • Personal deductions and employment expenses support for tax calculations
    • Fully configurable setup for unemployment, accident and group life insurances
    • Customizable and configurable benefits plans in Turkey
    • Restricted Stock Units (RSU) tax calculation in accordance with the labor law and the employment regulations in Turkey
    • Online Employee Self Service (ESS) for delivery of payslips
    • Fully automated integration with the existing HRIS and third-party systems
    • Wage type specific gross-to-net or net-to-gross calculations and simulations
    • Customized calculations formulas for employee benefits in Turkey
    • In-kind benefits calculations
    • Private pension plans administration in Turkey
    • Formula and eligibility driven calculations
    • Automated conversions of annual compensation amounts to monthly, daily and hourly rates
    • Wage type specific pro-rata calculation rules

Mercan’s Global PEO/GEO Services in Turkey

  • A leading PEO outsourcing services provider in the Middle East, Mercans proposes HR outsourcing services in Turkey to simplify the management of employment tasks – including human capital management outsourcing in Turkey from staff hiring to employee leasing in compliance with Turkish labor laws and employment regulations – and ensure in parallel payroll processing management and risk mitigation. Becoming an employer of record in Turkey, Mercans offers a built-in HR support structure that includes international candidates’ selection and tracking; recruitment and hiring; onboarding and offboarding processes; management of remuneration, payroll, benefits and taxation; regulatory compliance; all in the Turkish market. Mercans can take care of any or all of these functions, helping its clients to do business in Turkey, saving its clients’ HR department time and money with cost-effective human resources management outsourcing solutions in Turkey to tackle the complex Turkish employment rules. Mercans’ clients keep control of their workforce in Turkey and the staff members will not even notice Mercans’ role
  • React quickly to the Turkish market demands and deploy staff anywhere in Turkey in just days: these are Mercans’ global employee outsourcing and employee leasing services. Mercans’ PEO/GEO and employee leasing services in Turkey provide you with the necessary agility and easy implementation allowing you to increase your competitiveness in the Turkish market.
  • There is no need for you to worry about setting up a company in Ankara or Istanbul, recruiting and payrolling staff in Turkey. Enjoy the security of Mercans’ guaranteed compliance with the Turkish regulations. Mobilize any number of resources quickly and focus on building your business in Turkey while we take care of the rest.

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Recruitment and Talent Acquisition in Turkey with Mercans

Mercans’ Payroll Outsourcing in Turkey

  • Mercan’s approach of global talent acquisition and recruitment outsourcing services in Turkey enables clients to find talents in Turkey more efficiently and more effectively. Mercans helps companies to find highly qualified candidates in Turkey, while creating more opportunities through enhanced pipelines of international talents, thus increasing their ability to achieve more quickly business goals in Turkey. Mercans provides the strategy and the tools to streamline the talent acquisition outsourcing process for Turkey or link talent acquisition services to business strategy.
  • Mercans’ clients can still devise an effective HR strategy in Turkey, as they keep hands on the process of international recruitment outsourcing. One of the leading talent acquisition and recruitment outsourcing companies in the Middle East, Mercans understands the need for organizations to access high-quality talent, improve recruitment efficiency, and align with business objectives in Turkey. Mercans has the skills to operate efficiently and cost-effectively at the global level, while effectively ensuring the recruitment of a high-caliber workforce to support clients’ future growth goals in Turkey.
  • Get access to a large pool of international and local talent in Turkey and the Middle East, reduce time-to-hire, and improve hiring process quality, all in one. Mercans’ Mesaar™  recruitment suite uses innovative matching and psychometric assessment tools to identify the best candidates for your business in Turkey at record speed.
  • Our HR and payroll consultants in Turkey have extensive experience placing candidates across industries and organizational levels, and we have led executive searches and outsourcing mobilization projects for large multinationals involving thousands of candidates in Turkey, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

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HR Advisory and tax and legal compliance in Turkey

Mercans’ Payroll Outsourcing in Turkey

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BPO Services in Turkey with Mercans

Mercans’ Payroll Outsourcing in Turkey

  • If you want to do business in the Middle East, Mercan’s business process outsourcing services in Turkey can be highly cost-effective for your organization. The cost savings coming with BPO outsourcing companies like Mercans can reach up to 50% of your budget. We get the job done in Turkey at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you were taking care of it by yourself. Mercans bring years of experience in business process outsourcing services and can achieve complex outsourcing projects in Ankara, Istanbul and any Turkish city in record time.
  • Our experts in the field know Turkey’s markets inside-out, offering an unparalleled local knowledge and a clear understanding of business practices in Turkey to guarantee speed-to-market and staff productivity and efficiency increase. Mercans’ business processes outsourcing services for Turkey will allow you to focus on business expansion, invest in research and development, and provide your customers with higher added-value services. Mercans’ BPO outsourcing services in Turkey reduce the need for expensive investment in infrastructure as we take the responsibility of the business processes on your behalf.
  • Make your business thrive in Turkey and concentrate on the essentials and let Mercans’ business process outsourcing services  in Turkey minimize your administrative and overhead costs.
  • Fully outsource your back-office functions in Turkey to a team of HR, finance, accounting, immigration, and administration specialists. Our BPO team in Turkey will take care of it all while you have the time and freedom you need to nurture your business.

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