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How to Master your Global Expansion Challenges?

  • International growth offers a multitude of new global opportunities, but also comes with new local challenges, from payroll specificities to different business protocols.
  • Even for SMEs, expanding abroad means crossing a landmine of cultural and legal obligations, not the least of which is compliance with local labor laws and regulations.
  • Mercans consulting teams take the time to comprehend your business and tackle the issues and challenges you face abroad. Their local knowledge helps to design and implement strategies matching your new environment.
  • Our sustainable tactics help your enterprise innovate and grow, cut costs, and leverage talent with the agility and ingenuity to adjust and comply to ever-changing environments.

    Start refining your human capital management strategy now and be prepared for foreign challenges.

Free consultation
Free consultation

Why Get Advice for your HR Strategy and Align with Local Regulations ?


Instant Cost Savings

Mercans’ BPO gives you more time to explore new revenue areas, accelerate other projects and focus on customers

Simple Set-up

Our systematic approach brings the opportunity to reallocate internal resources and make the most of scarce workforce

Quick ROI

Process rationalization and tasks requalification are ingenuous ways to improve internal workflows and raise revenue

Ubiquitous Access

Allowing HR budget rationalization, Mercans helps you to focus only on necessary staff only and reconsider expenses

Continuous Updates

Mercans proposes realistic SLAs to secure cost-effective services meeting your business standards and ROI expectations

Rationalized Maintenance

In dynamic markets, flexibility to seize business opportunities and consider further strategic developments is essential

Built-in Flexibility

With the capacity to implement new levels of process optimization we help you to increase efficiency and reduce costs

No Unscheduled Downtime

No more untimely suspensions of service with automated security & maintenance procedures and 24/7 data availability

Why Compliance with Local Statutory Requirements Matters?

  • Mercans ensures that your activities comply with all local requirements, from the preparation of salary documents to payroll data collection and control, to the calculation of allowances, deductions, benefits, and net wages.
  • Mercans takes due diligence in the editing and dispatching of payslips in conformity with all legal declarations and third party statements.
  • Mercan’s scope of services includes applications and best practices that enable practical calculation of salary components and payment distribution in line with all local regulatory aspects.
  • Our software-as-a-service platforms tremendously help with compliance and simplify basic HR processes like time tracking and attendance monitoring.
  • Our world-class bespoke consulting services give you peace of mind for smooth transitions as you face organizational changes when you expand overseas: business development, talent performance management, mergers & acquisitions, you name it.

    Planning to explore new geographies for your business?

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