vendor assessment analyzes Mercans’ offerings and capabilities as a provider of
global EOR services.

NelsonHall Vendor Assessment - Global Employer of Record Services

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Key Findings & Highlights

Mercans is a one-stop solution to hire, pay & manage international teams. As a global expansion enabler, Mercans helps companies to expand internationally across 160 countries and pay local employees in 103 currencies through 10+ payment methods.

Employer of Record

Mercans global employer outsourcing (GEO), professional employer organization (PEO), and employer of record (EOR) services are included within its International PEO service offering and include:

  • Candidate search, assessment, and recruiting
  • Offer & contract negotiation
  • Salary benchmarking, compensation & benefits strategy
  • Mobilization & onboarding management
  • Family and employee immigration support
  • Benefits administration
  • Payroll processing & statutory compliance
  • HR help desk
  • Attendance tracking & expenses
  • Expense reporting
  • Employee performance management and operational oversight
  • Logistical support.

In this report you will learn:

  • Key offerings, product roadmap, and delivery capabilities
  • What differentiates Mercans from its peers
  • Why select Mercans’ EOR platform to accelerate your expansion journey

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