Migration from in-house payroll to Mercans’ payroll

Large multinational O&G company successfully migrated from their legacy payroll system to a fully managed payroll that created more ease and cost savings

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One of the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies, with a reported revenue of over USD 270 billion

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Middle East and Africa

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Payroll outsourcing


This is an american multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas, which is one of the largest of the world’s Big Oil companies. This company is also one of the world’s largest companies by revenue.

The client approached Mercans because they had been managing all of their payroll in-house and were looking for ways this could be fully managed in order to remove the administrative burden internally, and potentially, save on costs.


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Mercans’ payroll

Client’s challenges

Discontinuation of their legacy payroll systemsOur client had been managing all of their payroll in-house for a long time. Due to growth and comfort with the systems in place, moving to a different platform or way of working would require significant effort and a change plan. Additionally, the impact around the migration effort would need to be accounted for and addressed in order for the shift to succeed.

Complexity and scale were issues that needed to be managed well consistently With a large expatriate population across multiple locations, global payroll was more complex and required more attention as staff needed to be paid in multiple currencies and managed in different languages.

Compliance and data security assurances required It was critical that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws were complied with consistently. These remain an important component of EU privacy and human rights laws

How automation may be implemented with strict parameters Our client was keen to increase the level of automation for in-and outbound interfaces but were hampered by the fact that they had no flexibility in terms of format.

Mercans’ project management approach

Conducting the implementation in waves

We had a dedicated central implementation team and ensured that there was significant testing prior to rollout:

  • Extensive scenario tests – this is software testing in which actual scenarios are used to test the software application instead of test cases.
  • On-site simulations – customized to the individual needs, the simulations would assess compliance and would help our client manage their payruns.
  • Parallel runs – a strategy for a system changeover, a new system begins to assume the roles of the older system and both operate simultaneously.

On-site user acceptance testing

Also known as beta testing, this allows the software to be tested to determine if it can be accepted or not. It is the final test performed once functional or system tests are completed.

A web-based project management tool

OpenProject was used to conduct real-time project status tracking which is especially useful for the location-independent teams.

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Mercans’ solution

  • Implemented an online Payroll Administrator Console and Employee Self Service (ESS)This console allowed for hassle-free payroll management, allowing the administrator to manage employee salaries, accept and reject payroll created as well as view earnings, deductions, leave and much more. The ESS provided a single dashboard for employees to view and manage their personal details including accessing salary details.
  • Deployed fully automated interfaces that integrated with a global HRMSThis allowed datasets to be integrated during payroll pre-processing across SAP, our client’s global HRMS and ERP system.
  • Introduced formula-driven wage typesWage types are a fundamental aspect of the entire payroll module. Introducing a formula-driven approach increased automation and sped up processing across the board.

Business benefits

Client was able to migrate from their in-house payroll system to Mercans’ solution

Transition created significant cost and efficiency savings

All internal control requirements met

Continued GDPR compliance across the board.

Client was able to migrate from their in-house payroll system to Mercans’ solution

Transition created significant cost and efficiency savings

All internal control requirements met

Continued GDPR compliance across the board.

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