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Onboard & Pay your full-time employees

Hire employees and let us handle local payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance locally. Onboard employees in countries where you don’t have entities.

What’s covered?

  • Multi-lingual contracts.
  • International Payroll Processing & Statutory Compliance.
  • Benefits administration.
  • Expense & Leave management.
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Contractor Management

Manage and pay international contractors

What’s covered?

  • Onboard international contractors quickly and compliantly with localized contracts and guidance on local labor laws.
  • Pay contractors on time in their local currency.
  • Manage all employment documents in our secure platform.
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Tailored solutions at fair prices

  • Search, Assess & Recruit
  • Offer & Contract Negotiation
  • Salary Benchmarking, Comp & Ben Strategy
  • Mobilization & Onboarding Management
  • Family Immigration Support
  • Employee Immigration Support
  • HR Help Desk
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Operational Oversight
  • Logistical Support
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All solutions include

Dynamic dashboard

Get consolidated data for the whole team

Live support

World-class support via chat or call in multiple languages


Simplify complex workflows with a range of integrations


Benefit from advanced account security and control


Stay compliant with all data protection regulations

Contractor tools

Free contract, timesheet and invoice creation

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