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Mercans revolutionizes the world of payroll and EOR services as a renowned global industry leader

Mercans is a renowned international provider of payroll technology and Employer of Record (EOR) services. With our all-encompassing global payroll platform, you can conveniently oversee payrolls in 160 countries. Leveraging more than 20 years of global payroll expertise, we offer a comprehensive suite of HR services, all under one secure global platform.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

Starting a Business
Mercans' solution

Businesses looking to start up in Denmark must first obtain a MitID signature before depositing capital into a bank, registering with the Danish Business Authority (DBA) Webreg system and signing employees up for workmen’s insurance.

Our services include assistance with obtaining a MitID signature, registering with the Danish Business Authority (DBA) Webreg system, and signing employees up for workmen’s insurance.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

Complex tax laws
Mercans' solution

Mercans leverages over two decades of experience in global payroll to provide advanced technology solutions for precise payroll processing while complying with Danish tax laws. We offer expert consultancy services for local payroll and employment laws compliance and provide a secure global platform for efficient management of payroll and HR requirements.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

Enforcement of contracts
Mercans' solution

The enforcement of contracts in Denmark can be highly complicated and requires a significant amount of attention to complete the necessary procedures. We can provide expert guidance and support to businesses in Denmark on the enforcement of contracts, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. Our team of legal experts and consultants can help navigate the complexities of the process and streamline the process, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

Navigating business culture in Denmark
Mercans' solution

Denmark’s business culture is known for being strict and adhering to a certain set of etiquette, making it challenging for businesses to develop and grow. This can also lead to difficulties in implementing new business strategies. Mercans can help navigate these cultural nuances and provide expert guidance to help businesses thrive in Denmark.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

Difficult banking situations
Mercans' solution

Opening a business bank account in Denmark is a challenging task, especially for foreign residents living outside of Denmark. Danish banks are reluctant to open business bank accounts for them. This limits businesses to only domestic transfers, making it difficult to operate in Denmark. However, Mercans can assist in overcoming these challenges by managing the process of opening a business bank account and handling related tasks.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

Tax reporting and compliance
Mercans' solution

Mercans provides tax compliance services, ensuring that businesses meet their tax reporting requirements in Denmark.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

ID registration
Mercans' solution

Mercans can assist you in setting up a business entity in Denmark, even if you are living abroad and do not have a Danish social security number (CPR no.). We offer assistance in setting up either a Limited Liability Company (ApS) or a Limited Company (A/S), as sole proprietorship is not an option without a CPR no. Additionally, we provide guidance to your employees on the registration process and obtaining an identification number for your business in Denmark.

Client’s challenges in Denmark

Employment documentation
Mercans' solution

We offer professional preparation of employment-related documents, including contracts, amendments, job descriptions, and other necessary paperwork, in full compliance with Danish legislation. Our services are based on provided templates to ensure that all documents meet legal requirements and industry standards.


What we offer in Denmark

Global Payroll

Our comprehensive payroll management service provides end-to-end solutions that ensure efficient handling of your payroll needs.

Payroll SaaS

With our native payroll software, you can take complete control of your payroll management in a hassle-free manner.

PEO services

Leveraging our legal entity in Denmark, we offer expert assistance in hiring employees and managing payroll, taxes, benefits, insurance, and other related aspects on your behalf.

EOR services

If you do not have a registered entity in Denmark, our Employer of Record services enable us to manage and pay your staff while ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, and taking care of payroll and tax-related matters.


Why choose Mercans in Denmark

At Mercans, we provide a comprehensive range of services to help your business succeed in Denmark. Here are some reasons why you should choose us

Local Expertise

  • Our team includes full-time employees who are based in Denmark and speak the local language, providing effective communication and local insight.
  • We are not aggregators, so you can trust that your needs are being met by our experienced team members.
  • Our staff is available 24/7 to ensure that you receive the support you need, when you need it.

Extensive Experience

  • 18 years of experience in the payroll and EOR services industry in Denmark.
  • Extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations.
  • Staff are employment law experts.
  • Can provide guidance and support to stay compliant with local regulations.

Premium Support

  • Single point of contact for all your needs.
  • Dedicated account manager for personalized support.
  • Ability to pay in any currency.
  • Accurate responses to all your queries.

Mercans simplifies things

circle iconWe offer flexible invoicing arrangements tailored to your unique needs, including single global invoices or split invoicing for each employee.

circle iconAs the first and only provider in Denmark to accept cryptocurrency payments, we prioritize the security and convenience of our clients, providing you with safe and secure payment options.


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