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Program Director


  • To build confidence and trust with the client on Mercans capabilities and develop innovative technical solutions to exceed clients’ core business objectives.
  • Exhibits strong leadership skills including: coaching, developing a diverse work force, managing a remote team, instilling commitment to quality and excellence, encouraging collaboration, promoting the flow of information among all participants, and providing clear direction on how to meet project goals
  • Seeks and shares information with coworkers and responds to concerns with timely, meaningful, fact-based, and constructive feedback
  • Foresees potential problems and takes corrective action to ensure achievement of goals
  • Clear and concise in communicating information. Actively listens to what others are saying, seeking and sharing information
  • Determines the right resources to effectively execute human resources or development initiatives, provides clear direction, and determines if change in approach is needed to accomplish goals
  • Manages multiple assignments in an effective manner
  • High levels of employee engagement and retention
  • Has overall control of planning, staffing, budgeting, managing expense priorities and recommending and implementing changes
  • Own domain thought leadership area to broaden and deepen skills and skills of the team. Lead initiatives focused on honing our practice excellence including product, but also extending to 2 recruiting process, resource management, implementation acceleration, onboarding acceleration, etc.
  • Provides a positive impression of Mercans  Consulting by leading team to exceed customer expectations and incorporates customer service into messages with team and actions with other parts of the organization
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of business, technological and competitive trends
  • Has a strong understanding of technical, cost, risk and business implications of potential decisions on other projects and client needs and incorporates these into recommendations
  • Initiate and set goals for programs according to the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Plan the programs from start to completion involving deadlines, milestones and processes
  • Devise evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvements
  • Supervise all program and project managers involved to provide feedback and resolve complex problems
  • Discover ways to enhance efficiency and productivity of procedures and people
  • Ensure program operations and activities adhere to legal guidelines and internal policies
  • Keep senior management informed with detailed and accurate reports or presentations
  • Manage the total overall operation of the project in the areas of payroll, productivity and efficiency to the standards of the contract and to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Direct, develop, implement, disseminate and administer operations strategies and objectives to ensure achievement as prescribed by leadership
  • Provide leadership operational and technical reports on performance and advise how best to achieve performance goals and results
  • Schedule and coordinate the predetermined, recurring and newly scheduled work required to monitor program schedules for all tasks and opportunities
  • Develop and monitor program budget to meet fiscal objectives
  • Establish milestones and monitor adherence to plans and schedules
  • Supervise managers, provide feedback and work on averting potential problems
  • Develop and analyze monitoring and evaluation data and track key performance indicators as a basis for measuring performance
  • Suggest how to enhance efficiency and productivity of both procedures and people
  • Keep abreast with change, risk and resource management principles
  • Ensure that program operations and activities are consistent legal guidelines and internal policies
  • Create reports and presentations for senior management
  • Defining criteria for control and management of the programme or project

Requirements and skills

  • Extremely good written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong and charismatic personality – likable person
  • Mature, independent and balanced working style
  • At least 10 years of program management experience
  • Hands-on approach
  • Ability to command respect and stay professional in stressful situations
  • Preferably English native speaker and Western national

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