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Product Support Specialist

The purpose of the product support specialist’s work is to ensure appropriate technical advice for the company’s customers and consultants, identification of problems, their management and resolution.

Employee has the right to

  • Get the necessary tools;
  • Receive training and instructions for the performance of new tasks;
  • Get the knowledge and information necessary for work from the management, direct manager and other departments;
  • Organize meetings to resolve tasks;
  • Make recommendations and suggestions for better organization of work;
  • Get the necessary additional training.

Employee is responsible for

  • To perform the tasks agreed with the relevant job description correctly, with high quality and on time.
  • Be guided by the orders and instructions of the immediate manager and/or management when performing tasks.
  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s work organization rules.
  • Inform the immediate manager and/or management in a timely manner of all circumstances that prevent the performance of duties and may harm the interests of the company.
  • Improve professional knowledge and skills as needed;
  • To use work tools and the employer’s property prudently and purposefully.
  • Not to disclose trade secrets and information intended for internal company use.
  • Do not obstruct other employees in the performance of their duties.
  • Refrain from actions in the work environment that harm the life, health or property of oneself or other persons.
  • Refrain from actions that damage the company’s reputation or reduce credibility in the eyes of customers and partners.

Requirements for knowledge and skills

  • 1.5+ years of relevant working experience.
  • good analytical skills and problem solving ability;
  • the ability to use a computer in the range of programs required for the position;
  • good team work, good communication skills and written and oral self-expression skills;

Requirements for personality traits:

  • Independent, conscientious and correct.
  • Very good initiative, decision-making and responsibility skills and creativity
  • Orientation to details, results and goal
  • Good stress tolerance
  • Reliability and loyalty;

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