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Healthcare recruitment

You have all the support you need from our specialized healthcare practice team. They focus on finding you top healthcare talent, and get you access to tens of thousands of medical and administrative professionals around the globe.

Next to healthcare recruitment, we also work with global pharmaceutical companies and medical device producers, offering permanent as well as temporary placement and employee outsourcing solutions specifically designed for this industry.

More than 75,000 candidates, of which more than 35,000 pre-qualified. Carefully picked and screened to guarantee the highest skill levels.
We fill high-priority positions faster than any other recruitment company in the area.
Scalable and effective solutions for clients of all sizes and industries.
We automate your HR and recruitment with state-of-the-art software.
Optimize your recruitment processes and minimize cost per hire.

We are specialized in recruiting in the following industires:


With Mercans, you’re working with more than a typical recruiter.

Through us, your search for skilled personnel concentrates only on the best talent available. This includes our own database as well as our ongoing efforts to find candidates.

Our experience and reputation as an established expert in both the areas of healthcare recruitment and the Middle East and North Africa is your competitive advantage when looking for staff.

You have our team of experts at your disposal. With them, you’ll succeed at building a talented team while lowering your recruitment costs and improving time-to-fill.

Get in touch for more information. We’re always glad to help.

Professionals repositioned
Medical professionals around the globe
Candidates Database

Refer a candidate and earn up to € 500 per referral

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