Qatar Payroll Outsourcing & PEO/GEO Services at a New Level
Mercans, the leading payroll outsourcing and PEO/GEO services provider in Qatar and Middle East, has upgraded its global payroll industry-disruptive Global Payroll Suite HRBlizzTM for Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) markets.

Upgraded Payroll Outsourcing Functionality in Qatar

The new version of HRBlizzTM SaaS Global Payroll Suite leverages Mercans’ more than 20-year experience in delivering payroll outsourcing and PEO/GEO services in Qatar and the other countries of Middle East. The new and improved features and functionality of Mercans’ Global Payroll Suite, address the major challenges of payroll outsourcing services clients and HRMS users in Qatar. HRBlizzTM SaaS Global Payroll Suite features, designed for Qatar payroll software and payroll outsourcing clients, include:

  • Wage Protection System (WPS) file generation.
  • Social security contributions calculations in accordance with the Qatar General Retirement & Social Insurance Authority regulations.
  • Generation of electronic bank files for major Qatari banks
  • Built-in working hours rules in compliance with the Labor Law of Qatar.
  • Holiday/annual leave calculations in accordance with the Labor Law of Qatar.
  • Sick pay calculations in accordance with the statutory regulations.
  • Built-in end-of-service gratuity/severance pay calculations.
  • Tracking of the expiry dates of employees’ documents; i.e. residency permits, passports, etc.
  • Qatar Financial Center (QTC) regulations compliance
  • Online Employee Self Service (ESS) for delivery of payslips.
  • Fully automated integration with the existing HRIS and third-party systems.
  • Wage type specific gross-to-net or net-to-gross calculations and simulations.
  • Customized calculations formulas for employee benefits.
  • In-kind benefits calculations.
  • Private pension plans administration.
  • Formula and eligibility driven calculations.
  • Automated conversions of annual compensation amounts to monthly, daily and hourly rates.
  • Wage type specific pro-rata calculation rules.

Mercans – Qatar payroll outsourcing industry technology leader

With the latest updates to its industry disruptive HRBlizzTM Global Payroll Suite, Mercans has solidifies its position as the Qatar payroll outsourcing technology leader position. Mercans’ fully automated Qatar payroll outsourcing suite enables it to generate fully compliant payrolls without any manual interventions and full compliance with the applicable regulations. HRBlizzTM supports standard and pre-configured interfaces with SAP, SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle, MS Dynamics and other HRIS systems, as well as, built-in regulatory rules, makes HRBlizzTM  an industry-leading payroll processing platform in Qatar and the Middle East.

Fully automated Qatar payroll outsourcing suite increases accuracy

“The updated HRBlizzTM enables Mercans to fully support the needs of our existing and the future payroll outsourcing and SaaS clients in Qatar, while reducing improving the accuracy of the payroll calculations. We believe that the future of the global payroll outsourcing industry is driven by technology-driven automated payroll processing and in-depth knowledge of the country-specific regulations. Our technology will do the hard work for our Qatar payroll outsourcing clients and Mercans’ payroll specialists will focus on advising the clients on their complex compliance and regulatory matters” said Marko Taylor, the CEO of Mercans.

Mercans increases its payroll outsourcing presence in Qatar

In addition to upgrading the functionality of HRBlizzTM  for Qatar, Mercans also announced that it will be increasing its presence in Qatar by adding a sizable number of payroll outsourcing, compliance and technical support staff to support the growth of its client base in Qatar.

The CEO of Mercans, Marko Taylor, added “Mercans’ HRBlizzTM Global Payroll Suite allows Mercans to ensure that our payroll outsourcing and SaaS clients in Qatar have access to the latest cutting-edge functionality of our software and can ensure the compliance of their HR and Payroll functions with the Finnish labor and tax regulations.”

Qatar PEO/GEO Services

Mercans has expanded and strengthened its service offering in Qatar by making its full payroll outsourcing, professional employer organization (EOR), employee leasing, recruitment, HR advisory and HR software solutions offering available in Qatar. Through its local office in Doha, Qatar, Mercans delivers world-class services in these areas to both local and multinational companies operating in Qatar.

“Mercans’ is very excited about growth opportunities in Qatar. Mercans’ increased local presence in Qatar strengthens our local service delivery capacity and broadens the services portfolio that we are able to deliver to our payroll outsourcing, PEO/GEO services and HR software solutions clients in Qatar. We strongly believe in building local expertise by placing our teams close to our clients and markets that they support”, said Mr. Marko Taylor, the CEO of Mercans, when announcing Mercans’ additional investments into its Qatar payroll outsourcing and PEO/GEO services business.

Qatar Payroll Outsourcing

Make sure your employees are always paid accurately and on time with real-time access to your HR and payroll data. Mercans’ cutting-edge HRBlizzTM payroll suite is intuitive and transparent: save time, and let technology do the hard work. Mercans’ Business Intelligence and HRIS integration tools tie all of your systems into a single harmonious platform.

Qatar PEO/GEO Services

React quickly to the market demands and deploy staff anywhere in the world in just days: this is Mercans’ global employee outsourcing and employee leasing services. Mercans PEO/GEO and employee leasing services in Qatar provide you agility, increase your competitiveness and are easy to implement. There is no need for you to worry about setting up a local company, recruiting and payrolling staff. Enjoy the security of Mercans’ guaranteed compliance with local regulations. Mobilize any number of resources quickly— and focus on building your business while we take care of the rest.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment in Qatar

Get access to a large pool of global and local talent, reduce time-to-hire, and improve hire quality all in one. Our Mesaar recruitment suite uses innovative matching and psychometric assessment tools to identify the best candidates for your business at record speed. Our consultants have extensive experience placing candidates across industries and organizational levels, and we have led executive searches and outsourcing mobilization projects for large multinationals involving thousands of candidates in Qatar, Middle East and other parts of the world.

Qatar HR Advisory Services

Tap into the experience of our seasoned HR advisory team in Qatar. Their expertise ranges from HR policies and procedures, salary benchmark studies, and HR due diligence to sophisticated HR transformation projects. Get a speedy and precise needs analysis, and have us design, implement, and monitor the execution of any project—carried out by subject-matter experts who understand your needs, and who know what it takes for your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Qatar BPO Services

Make your business thrive and concentrate on the essentials and let Mercans’ business process outsourcing services minimize your administrative and overhead costs. Fully outsource your back-office functions to a team of HR, accounting, immigration, and administration specialists. Our BPO team will take care of it all while you have the time and freedom you need to nurture your business.