Global Payroll Outsourcing & PEO Provider Mercans Joins the Global Payroll Association

Mercans, an integrated PEO and global payroll outsourcing services provider, becomes a member of the Global Payroll Association. Dubai, UAE-based, Mercans ( has experienced rapid growth in its MENA payroll outsourcing and PEO services businesses. An exceptional demand for Mercans’ payroll outsourcing and PEO services has been fueled by its continuous innovation, introduction of a cutting edge global payroll suite HR blizz ( and expansion of Mercans’ global presence. Mercans has been able to quickly grow its Dubai payroll outsourcing and PEO services capabilities and expand its payroll outsourcing and PEO services lines to the other MENA countries; including, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, etc.

“Mercans is no longer only a Dubai payroll outsourcing firm operating in the Middle East and Africa, but a true global payroll and PEO solutions provider. Our joining of an elite group of industry leaders is a natural progression and testimony to Mercans’ outstanding capabilities to deliver world-class global payroll outsourcing and PEO services to the multination companies all over the world.”, said Marko Taylor, the CEO of Mercans.

Leveraging our cutting-edge HR blizz payroll suite and expansive global presence, we deliver innovative  payroll outsourcing and experience-driven compliance services to ensure, that your employees are always paid accurately and on time. Our no muss, no fuss services are intuitive and transparent. We let the technology do all the hard work. Mercans’ Business Intelligence and HRIS integration tools provide real-time access to your global payroll data and tie all of your systems into a single harmonious platform.

The new global economy requires you to be agile and competitive. Mercans’ Global Employee Outsourcing service allows you to deploy staff anywhere in the world in the matter of days without setting up local business entities or payrolls. We guarantee full compliance with the local regulations and quick mobilization of any number of resources. Our immigration specialists process thousands of work and residency permits every year. While you focus on growing your business, we will take care of the rest.

About the Global Payroll Association

The Global Payroll Association ( is a leading umbrella-organization for all global payroll outsourcing industry experts and service providers. It is a one-stop-shop for global and in-country payroll professionals. The GPA provides everything from interactive training courses to comprehensive directories and in-depth country resources.

About Mercans

Mercans is a fully integrated global payroll, PEO and HR services provider. This means that as our client you get access to our cutting-edge global payroll software, local in-country payroll, compliance and HR specialists, and tax and HR advisory service entirely without having to deal with the complexities of setting up local legal entities or in-house payrolls.

If you are tired of dealing with the payroll industry dinosaurs and their outdated and inflexible technology, or with aggregators who simply pass on your data to their subcontractors and divert your calls to an off-shore call center and never seem to have the local knowledge, Mercans is your ideal partner.

Mercans accepts your payroll data, configures calculation rules and generates reports based on your needs and requirements. You will never again have to go through lengthy implementation processes only to find out that you need to change your own side to cope with the limitations of the payroll provider. Our software platform has preconfigured API integration capability with all the major global HRMS platforms, including SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle HCM, MS Dynamics, and so on.

Our in-country payroll and PEO specialists support you locally when and where you need them. We provide you with practical guidance regarding payroll compliance issues as well as immigration and HR. Never again will you be left hanging, waiting for an answer from a call center. We take care of your business when and where you need it.

Our single contract and software platform approach guarantees that you have the full overview of all of your local payrolls and related costs. You can view and analyze the payroll data in real time and without building expensive reports or data interfaces.

All of Mercans’ systems and processes are GDPR compliant and ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001 certified.