A leader in the region in many ways, the United Arab Emirates remain a superbly attractive place to work.
While demand for certain professional groups, such as education and medical, only seems to rise, a local survey conducted by Western Union in late 2015 brought out just why so many young professionals choose to relocate to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Right at the start, what’s striking is how young the expats in the UAE are on average. At just 29, this is something to look at in some more detail.

Of all the people asked, 68% said that they were feeling very safe and secure in this country. The UAE regularly rank highly among the safest countries of the world, have a very low crime rate and a reliable legal system.

Money enters into it as well, of course. 55% of expats stated in the survey that their standard of living was higher living here than it would be if they lived back in their own home countries. This includes the quality of accommodation, the type of car they can afford, and so on.

Beyond what they have where they live and work, many of them also pointed to the opportunity to become debt-free. As many as 21% of all people asked confirmed that they’ve been able to pay off personal debt – completely.

Others said that their situation allowed them to pay off student debt as well as save money or buy a home. The share of expats saying they regularly get to put money aside is 70%, which is staggering if you compare it to the difficulties young people are having getting out of debt in many European countries.

But perhaps the most important point is friendship. Owing to the difference in cultures between their countries and the UAE, being able to meet and spend time with people out of similar cultural areas is ever more important. This means that lasting friendships are forged that often last for much longer than the time spent in the area.