How to Avoid Embarrassment, Financial Damage, and Potential Legal Problems in Dubai
You might have heard: A little less than a year ago, United Airlines accidentally sold thousands of First Class tickets from London to Newark – at $75 a pop. The airline later cancelled the tickets and blamed the glitch on a “third party” software.

Apart from the embarrassment to the company and the necessary damage control dealing with the disgruntled holders of those tickets, there’s another lesson in this: Never be too sure about the applications you use.

Your business, as almost all others, will depend on the integration of different software up to a degree. Getting those to work together can be a challenge, especially in times when change or quick adaptation are required.

Now imagine your payroll hanging on by a thread after the UAE Ministry of Labour has just adapted a legal requirement, changed a form, or made an even bigger change in the Labour Law. The challenge now is to bring your whole organization on a new line.

Through your systems, you:

  • File government reports and forms
  • Withhold and submit employee taxes
  • Make Social Security contributions for your staff
  • Notify the government when employees are hired or leave your business
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant payroll legislation

In practice, this means that if your systems experience a glitch, you could be in trouble. Imagine an error in the submission of taxes, and finding out about it too late. Not only will that error have translated into an avalanche of faulty documentation in consequence, but you’re also looking at potential penalties you’ll have to pay.

I’m obviously biased. And, admittedly, enormously so. But what I can guarantee you is that any self-respecting payroll outsourcing business makes it its number one mission to make sure no damage comes to your company.

This means that the integration of systems is taken care of. It means that you have experienced professionals making sure that this kind of damage doesn’t occur.

And all of it functions outside your immediate worries – your expenses on a potentially large payroll department, your staffing, your compliance, the communication of financial matters to your employees, all is taken care of.