Mercans Global Outsourcing client spotlight
We at Mercans are proud to have The Fred Hollows Foundation as our global outsourcing client. Their mission is to end avoidable blindness and work in more than 25 countries, and have restored sight to over two and half million people, with a simple 20 minute operation. The work the organisation does is invaluable, not only by carrying out the operations in the most vulnerable and neglected regions, but the Foundation trains doctors, nurses and health care workers so they can recognise, diagnose, refer and treat eye problems in their communities.

“Change through social activism was something close to Fred’s heart. Our advocacy work is all about working with governments, our partners and local communities in achieving long term change. The impact of restoring sight goes beyond treating blindness. In research we’ve undertaken, we discovered that alleviating blindness is an effective way of easing poverty in the developing world. If more people in a nation can see, more people can go to school, work, raise children, or start businesses. Ending avoidable blindness improves the economy, equality, skills and development of a country, while reducing its financial and social burden.”

To find out more about The Fred Hollows Foundation and how you can get involved, visit their website here.